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Learn to secure your software with the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
Good reasons why it is crucial to keep your software updated
US-CERT, Microsoft, Mozilla, and many more - they all say it: Keep your software updated!
Secunia Network Software Inspector (NSI), the solution for corporate users
New Blog Entry: Secunia PSI BETA status after 2 months
About Secunia
New Secunia PSI version available!

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Registering Your Secunia PSI Installation
Thank you for installing the Secunia PSI. Please wait while your installation is being registered with the Secunia servers.

Your installation will be registered with Secunia, to allow your computer access to the Secunia File Signatures Engine.

 Secunia takes your privacy seriously, please read our privacy statement. Secunia PSI BETA Version: